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Living and working in Plymouth, Devon, UK Glenn graduated with a first class Fine Art degree in 2009 and was the winner of the Ben Hartley Award for outstanding Fine Art achievement. 

Glenn's painting’s achieves the extremely difficult feat of engaging with the legacy of Abstract Expressionism in a way that manages to be both contemporary and interesting. They refer to ideas about the relation of ancient cultures to alien civilisation, attempting to capture or explain something of the intense, or sublime, experiences the artist cites as the inspiration for the paintings. This hybrid of abstraction and conspiracy theory is original and compelling, and undertaken with absolute sincerity. It manages to be equally about abstraction, the communication of feeling, and popular culture.

"I could say that what makes my paintings unique is that outside of painting I develop my own signs and symbols to represent various experiences that can not be simply explained or answered. The power of those experiences and nature is what all my art strives to be in one sense. The more I can get in tune with the harmony of nature and appreciate the here and now, the more my art can benefit from that relationship. My paintings at their core ultimately express basic human emotions and all the complexities of existence are then cleansed and washed out onto the canvas". 


"The tragedies, mysteries, ecstasies of life are recorded and expressed as my painting’s dance between a yin and yang like state of mind between thoughts and no thoughts. My paintings always naturally fall into two overall forms; light or dark.

Armed with music, paint and no major preparations I can enter a Zen like meditation state of creative painting process where I am able to surrender myself to the more primitive, playful and automatic parts of my creativity. I can escape and I can feel alive with a sense of purpose. Its taken many years of practice to absolutely have no fears about making changes or believe in mistakes for the painting has a life of its own. The paintings naturally evolve over time, sometimes years pass with many layers applied before I feel the painting is finally complete. I hope my audience can escape themselves as much as I do amongst the many layers of myself laid bare and discover any emotions or beauty in the unusual places whether it’s within themselves or others".

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